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Senior Scriptwriter

Company Description

Ubisoft Québec is a leader in the video game industry and is located in the heart of Quebec City’s Saint-Roch neighbourhood. Involved in many of Ubisoft’s flagship franchises, the studio gained a strong expertise, leading to its implication in the development of AAA games. By the end of 2016, the team
will exceed 400 people, all of which are united by the desire of pushing boundaries, building high quality worlds and creating memorable gaming expériences.

Job Description

The scriptwriter participates to the crafting of the hero’s story, creating characters, writing dialogue, and providing any other narrative-related content required by the project (such as in-game text).

The incumbent works closely with the production team to ensure coherence and quality as narrative content is integrated into the game.


The main and routine tasks of the scriptwriter are to:

* Understand the intentions of the Creative Director and translate their vision into words;

* Write the script so that team members from different crafts have a point of reference;

* With the Narrative Game Designer, detail the storyline in a way that accommodates the narrative structure and the gameplay structure;

* Create character descriptions;

* In collaboration with the Narrative Designers, create descriptions for in-game locations and the ambiance found throughout the game;

* Provide scripts for all narrative content (i.e. cinematics, scripted events, gameplay, etc.);

* Write any text that contains narrative elements (mission briefings, loading screens, in-game documents, etc.);

* Collaborate closely with the team members who oversee the design of the narrative;

* Ensure that all reference documents are up to date;

* With the various production teams, supervise the integration of narrative content into the game;

* Assist, when required, with any marketing and/or PR needs that require writing;

* Carry out all other related tasks.



Diploma of College Studies in scriptwriting, litterature or filmmaking or any other revelant studies.

Relevant Experience:

Minimum 5-10 years' experience in scriptwriting or any other relevant experience

Skills and Knowledge:

* Basic understanding of game design fundamentals and processes

* Ability to collaborate, and respond to feedback/notes in a mature and timely manner

* Organizational skills

* Curiosity, Sense of observation

* Creativity

* Inspiration by people, society and world in general

* Excellent knowledge of english writing

* Knowledge of french (an asset)

Your Writing Samples 

Please select three varied pieces of writing that showcase your approach to 

· Voice 
· Dialogue 
· Character development 
· Dramatic structure 

More recent samples are better. You can include older work if necessary, but as most of us are continually improving, it’s important to show recent work. Your samples will ideally include game writing, but
need not be limited to it. 

High Priority: 

game writing film,theatre, television or web series scripts novels, short stories or other fiction or creative non-fiction 

Low Priority: 

academic writing and game reviews can demonstrate the basic quality of your sentence-level writing, but don’t demonstrate voice, dialogue, character
development, or drama 
Do not send game design documents. 

Make it easy for us to love your work. 

The spelling and grammar in each of your samples must be flawless. 

It’s also advisable to make sure the opening sentences, paragraphs and pages of each of your samples reflect your best, most gripping work. 

If the best part is in the middle, write a one-sentence summary of everything the reader needs to know, and cut right to that part.

The job is also based on the candidate’s style and quality of writing and will be evaluated throughout the samples.


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