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Brand Heroes
Toronto, ON

Sr. Production Coordinator

We’ll just come out as say it – you have to be organized as hell to do this gig!  You also need to love scheduling interviews (about 800 of them in a year), making call-sheets, tracking budgets, building project plans and generally being an all round production Ninja. You have to be extremely detail oriented.  You should be able to spot the grammar errors in this posting.

Think of this gig as the air traffic controller of the video world.  Your job is to keep all our productions moving smoothly by providing all the information our project teams need to keep things on time and budget.

You have a television, film or video degree or diploma, a minimum of two years experience and a max of four in a television network or production company.  You need to demonstrate proven experience in scheduling video shoots. If you’re a finalist, you’ll be given a chance to prove your organizational wizardry through a paid test.

Some of the things you’ll be doing include:

-        Scheduling our video shoots.  Just to give you an idea of how intense this could be, we make an average of 200 videos per year with 3-4 people per video.  That means you could be coordinating up to 800 different schedules a year!

-        Creating call sheets

-        Maintain and tracking production budgets

- Maintaining a master project list and production calendar

-        Creating and maintaining project plans and work-back schedules   

-        Doing background research on the interview subjects for our videos

-        Researching and chasing publicity and archive photos and videos from our interview subjects that could be used in each video we do.

-        Assisting with script writing and writing interview questions

-        Paper Editing

You’ll also have the chance to work on our social media and branding projects and based on your interest can also have a hand in our creative brand-storms and marketing campaigns.

So why work with us?  Brand Heroes is on fire.  We create over 200 videos per year and our work includes branded content, videos, broadcast and digital ads plus social media and gamification.  We’re also getting into augmented and virtual reality.  In other words, there’s tons of opportunity.  We have a cool downtown office across from St. Lawrence Market, love great food and offer a flexible work environment where you can work from home anytime you want.  We also offer a bonus structure, training budget and a working holiday policy where you can extend your vacation by working remotely.  This is the job for someone who doesn’t just want to do a good job but wants to make a real contribution to growing a company. If you feel you have a ton to offer and are looking for a place where there’s no limits on your potential than welcome to Brand Heroes!

Next steps:  The interview starts now.  We don’t want an application – we want a pitch.  It can be whatever you want but it has to be original.  Form letters and “To Whom it may concerns,” will be immediately tossed out.   Go ahead inspire us!






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Additional Details

Category: Film / Video
Brand Heroes
100 Front Street East, 4th Floor
Toronto, ON, CA
Map This!
Tags: Production, video production, branded content
Posted: May 12, 2017
Closing: May 23, 2017
Type: Full-time
Experience: Intermediate
Compensation: 40 - 45K + bonus

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