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Not all Job Board Websites are created Equal

There are many websites that offer companies a platform to post their available Employment Opportunities. These websites are great avenues to explore when searching for available positions across Canada, but the Range of job opportunities posted on these websites have become so fragmented that it is extremely difficult to find the true Media related job postings. These sites say up front that they are Canadian but are often based in the United States. They also display job listings that are outdated and no longer available, but remain posted. This practice gives their visitors a false account of available jobs posted on these sites.

At Media Job Search our name states what we do best…Canadians helping Canadians search for media related jobs at companies across Canada. MJSC offers the largest database of Canadian media related website and e-mail addresses than any other website on the net, which includes most search engines. We post Employment Ads from various companies across Canada, who have media related positions available. Our ever-expanding database of Resumes carries one of the best talent pools of media professionals and unlike those other websites; MJSC allows all Advertisers up to 60 days free access to view these resumes for every Employment or Banner Ad posted on its website.

Media Job Search was designed and developed to help all Canadians, who work in media-related professions, search for new jobs and is also available for those looking to begin their careers in various media-related fields. MJSC is especially beneficial for students who have graduated from media courses at Canadian Colleges, Universities and Career Colleges.

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MJSC was originally conceived and developed by Corey Fuchs and officially launched on April 23, 1999 and remains privately owned, operated by Livia Pravato-Fuchs, who took over after Corey's untimely death from complications of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). 


BIO for Corey Fuchs (Apr 24, 1964 - May 30, 2016):

Corey Fuchs
Media Job Search Canada Inc.




Corey Fuchs, Founder and former President of Media Job Search Canada Inc. is the creator and developer of Media Job Search Canada .com, Canada’s premier Job Board that helps Canadians search for media-related positions across Canada.

With a background as Writer /Producer in Television Creative he got started in Television during his first semester while in Humber College’s Radio Broadcasting Program. Volunteering at CFMT TV, which is now Omni 1 & 2 in Toronto doing writing and producing jobs for the full 3 years of the course. After graduating from Humber, he was offered a Full-Time job in the Commercial Production Department as a Promotions Writer/Producer and stayed for 5 years.

In 1995 he took an opportunity to work in Thunder Bay for Dougall Media’s Thunder Bay Television (TBT). After 3 year as the Promotions Coordinator for both a CBC and CTV Affiliate, he was able to bring forward the talents he learned at CFMT and was a CanPro winner of a News Promo that he did for TBT’s Northwest Newsweek program.

In February of 1998 Corey decided to move back to Toronto and found that when he returned home, it was hard to find another job in Television. At that time there were no Canadian Media Job Boards to be found. Searching the internet he found several American Media Job Boards but nothing geared to the Canadian Media Industry. Two months later he decided to create a website that would list Television and Radio stations in Canada. This new website would help people search these sites for jobs in Canadian Media across Canada.

Having originally thought of the idea to build a website back in 1989, Media Job Search was finally conceived in May 1998. After many design issues, the website was finally launched on April 23, 1999. The next 2 years had the website expanding to include web links to Advertising and Marketing Companies, Newspapers, Magazines, Film & Video Companies. IT and Web companies were added a year later.

In May 2000 a Television station in Prince George, CKPG-TV contact MJSC about posting a Job Ad on its website. Since the website was only designed to list web links, it had to be re-designed. 48 hours later the website was ready to allow companies to posted Job Ads on its website. Media Job Search’s first official paid Job Ad was posted on May 26, 2000 by CKPG Television.

Since then, Media Job Search has posted over 100,000+ Job Ads and has helped 2800 companies, from across Canada, fill media-related positions.

Future plans are to create a French version of the website and then tap into the USA market with domains like: &